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Alexander Flaschberger (GF)

OLEXX IT is your objective IT partner in all aspects of information technology and webssystemes – be it for home users, club or commercial users. We differ from traditional computer supporters in that we do not ALL IN offer contracts. They are either too expensive because they are trying a wide range of areas to cover or can anyway not be met due to lack of skills.Instead, we offer you the best advice and suggestions on how to cover the requirements for your individual needs cheaply and with specialists. To this end, we have a large pool of specialists and comprehensive know how for server systems, network planning, integration, web and cms systems. Through an extensive needs analysis, we find the weak points in your system and solve them with our experts.

We also provide better support for home users whose questions often not computerized interested service providers and perform custom training for your success.



Even in the most detailed manuals always the current problem is not described.
(Murphy´s laws)