Owner: Alexander Flaschberger
registered sole proprietorship

IT & Webdesign

FN: 420893 k

FB: Regional Court Eisenstadt

office: 7532 Litzelsdorf, Wiesenweg 11 | Austria

Tel: +43 664/12 30 366

Fax: 0316/23 11 23-2202

E-mail: mail[at]

member of the Economic Chamber Austria

industrial Code:

business Line: services in the automated data processing and information technology

Bezirkshauptmannschaft Güssing Austria


Phone: 0664/12 30366

Fax: 0316/23 11 23-2202

E-mail: mail[at]

Responsible for content:

Alexander Flaschberger

Wiesenweg 11

7532 Litzelsdorf


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